John Lewis Partnership
Internal Comms Campaign

Animated video & Infographics created for the John Lewis Partnership to visually help explain the new changes to their Pension Scheme.

Client: John Lewis Partnership
Studio: Nucco Brain
Lead Animator: Pedro Allevato
Producer: Stefano Marrone
Layout & Storyboard: Thomas Gutteridge & Gabriela Araujo
Animation: Gabriela Araujo

At Nucco Brain, we recently had the privilege of working with John Lewis Partnership. 
The challenge was to help their internal comms department to visually explain and communicate the latest changes to the Pensions Scheme to all their partners.
The campaign is aimed to everyone who works or has worked across the different services of John Lewis & Waitrose. 

We wove an engaging story into animated videos, infographics, posters and letters; making sure the information would be clear for everyone at JLP, from the fishmonger in Waitrose to the top manager in accounting.


The engagement on the intranet pension page raised 80x in the space of six months, reaching direct engagement with 65% of the target audience. With happier employees, their helpline support department was receiving fewer phone calls, allowing them to shift human resources to new tasks for the JLP.