Nucco Brain & SOAS Bootcamp at Google Campus London – Let us tell our story

Nucco Brain’s managing director Stefano was recently invited along to speak at the SOAS Boot Camp at Google Campus London.

The short talk looked to offer a real-life and relevant reality towards setting up a company, as well as important factors to consider in the process. 

Some of the challenges Stefano addressed in his talk looks at:

>Inspiration for Nucco Brain as a visual storytelling studio.
>Creating and fine tuning the Nucco Brain brand and culture.
>Developing a talented and diverse team through attitude as well as experience to drive forward the company.
>Networking for the right clients through industry events, workshops, social media, digital campaigns etc.
>The role of social responsibility as a director and as a company within marketing and branding services.


So this talk makes room for a perfect post in which to give a little insight into how Nucco Brain began?

Since Nucco Brain – a Visual Storytelling Studio – was first founded in 2013, the company has evolved significantly and successfully in a short space of time and have managed to make amazing videos for some pretty cool big brands and start-ups! With diverse professional and academic experience as well as a passion for animation; the collaboration, ambition and determination between both directors Stefano and Pedro has allowed them to create one the youngest animation studios’ in London.

What particularly differentiates Nucco Brain is its niche specialisation in CGI, animation, 3D, 2D and illustration etc.

The ability to be able to explain a business proposition in a visually engaging way.

Putting an exciting twist on what is a traditional creative agency – to instead a ‘high-end boutique storytelling studio’.

A key message which was hopefully taken away from Stefano’s talk is that even with copious amount of planning, the dynamic fate for unforeseen circumstances will always arise and present itself in the form of new challenges- particularly in business. So be prepared always!

In short – a solid plan, a loyal team and a shared company vision; these are the fundamentals to Nucco Brain’s healthy growth and success both now and prospectively in the many years to come!

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