The Monster Inside of Nucco’s Brain: …Zomblaze- Deep Fall EP Promo

One of the first projects Nucco Brain was commissioned with was a one minute music video promo for Zomblaze, a Hungarian DJ/Producer between the lines of abstract, triphop and hardcore experimental vibes of music, and his new  EP Deep Fall. Nucco Brains’ Pedro, Stefano, Valentina and Vincenzo were the creative directors and artists in charge of thinking up and developing a fitting concept. With 100% creative control, the objective was to optimise absolute creativity and imagination on a quick and cost effective scale.

So where did the inspiration for the monster come from?

It is true to say that the monster did come from inside the Nucco Brain- a collection of those minds who worked on the project. It was inspired from a real monster which actually does run wild in the minds of the artists in our studio: after they have had their 100th cup of coffee for the morning, their creative monster is unleashed!

But the inspirational concept and artistic style actually stemmed from an original illustration by art director Valentina – as can be seen below. This was developed further around the theme of zombies and monsters, as taken from the connotations from the DJ name itself -‘Zomblaze’, as well as the nature of the DJ and the dark, eccentric and edgy nature of his music.


Valentina Pic

… a monster was born.

Directors Pedro and Stefano gave creative direction, Vincenzo was the head artist responsible for designing and drawing the frames and fonts using only the tools of Flash, Photoshop & After Effects. As a result the final video was 6 loops which sees the monster immerse itself onto the screen, rocking out in its full expressive glory of bazaar and impulsive actions (if that’s what one can as specifically describe it as). The Zomblaze song which runs alongside the video enhances the awkward, raw, gritty essence of the visual dynamics the monster creates in its loops.

The whole video design process in the words of Vincenzo were that it was ‘’soooo fun to work on and develop!- From coming up with an inventive idea, theme and character from scratch to producing an exciting animation at the end!’’. The biggest challenge in the process was ensuring the feeling and fluidity in the monsters’ movements were defined to reflect the overall atmosphere of the monster within video.

Check out the final video below!

Lets keep telling stories!