Innovate UK
Rebrand + Video

"Predictions: The intelligent home and how the Internet of Things will transform our domestic lives. When you think about how radically our lives have been changed by technology over the past few decades, you really have to wonder – what’s next?"

Innovate UK is the UK's Innovation Agency,
funding and supporting science and technology innovations
that will grow the UK economy.

Nucco Brain was tasked with the rebranding of Innovate UK's YouTube channel, along with helping to produce a number of video series format.
The 'Predictions' video series focuses on exploring how the future
will look like, with insights from the experts at Innovate UK brought to life through animated sequences.

Creative Direction: Stefano Marrone

Art Director: Stefano Perelli
Illustrators: Ryan Lovelock and Marco Caradonna and Ryan Lovelock
Animators: Robert Scott, Nicholas Edmonson and Clement Sacchetti

Live-Action Director: Sataish O'Shea
Line Producer: Giulia Salvadori
DOP/Operator: Simone Pellegrini
Sound: Steph Partington

Music & Sound Design: Silence & Air/ Andy Gbormittah and Jake Warren
Vocals: Eva-Gina Berkel