Think Nature || Promoting Environmental Sustainability

Think Nature || Promoting Environmental Sustainability

Nucco Brain helped deliver the Think Nature project ethos and evolution to more than 30 different international companies and various stakeholders in the EU Commission

Think Nature is a project aiming to develop a platform that supports the understanding and promotion of nature based solutions in order to achieve more sustainable and resilient societies. This project is part of Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation funded by the European Commission.

Our studio worked in collaboration with Book on a Tree, an agency that provided the communication plan and copywriting for the Think Nature project. Nucco Brain was in charge of designing a logo, branding guidelines and visual content strategy, as well as video production.

Alongside conventional aspects of communication and content production, the orun team created a “message tree” infographic to illustrate the progression of the project and communicate its key concepts to Think Nature’s stakeholders.
This graphic is an ever-evolving design framework, engineered to allow all participants in the project to see the continuous progress achieved during the stakeholders meetings.

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