Branding & Animation

Various amounts of work, from the Branding and Animation project we embarked on with PensionBee. We developed the branding and then created an animated video to explain the ins and outs of PensionBee.

PensionBee provide a service that locates old pensions
and allow pension-holders to make their own decisions
about what to do with their existing pensions.

At Nucco Brain Studio it was our task
to develop their branding and from that, create an explainer video,
that got PensionBee's message across to their audience in a simple and engaging way.
We had lots of fun working on this project, creating a consistent look and feel
throughout the project. Something in which we feel we have succeeded.
We hope you enjoy it!

Client: PensionBee
Studio: Nucco Brain
Lead Animator & Branding Design: Pedro Allevato
Producer: Stefano Marrone

Layout & Storyboard: Gabriela Araujo & Thomas Gutteridge