The Internet has changed the way people consume content. This articles discusses the essentials of a branded Youtube content series.

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The Internet has changed the way people consume content. According to expert Nicolas Carr, writer of the book The Shallows, the Web is rewiring our brain – changing the way we think and remember in the process. One of the results is that our attention span is shorter, which is a challenge for brands reaching out to their audience. Therefore, many turn to online content marketing as a way to approach this challenge.

We collaborated with Innovate UK, the national agency that supports science and technology innovations, to produce different video formats for their YouTube Channel as part of their new digital content marketing strategy. One of these series, “Predictions”, has been particularly successful. “Predictions” is a series of short 3 minutes videos explaining what daily life will be like in a few years.

Innovate UK || Predictions

The challenge brought to us by Innovate UK was to maximise the visibility and engagement of their YouTube channel.

Our solution? We believe that video views, engagement, and awareness grow exponentially, due to our focus on the following 3 steps recipe:

1) Research & Strategy

Innovate UK || Predictions

2) Relevant Content Creation

Innovate UK || Predictions

3) Smart Distribution

Innovate UK || Predictions



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