4 Creative Content Ideas for your Q4 Budget

It’s already Q4, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spend your remaining budget for the year.

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It’s already Q4, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spend your remaining budget for the year.

It’s been a strange ten months, and the future still looks uncertain for business. Everyone’s sitting at home, and we’re consuming practically all of our content through screens – whether that’s for professional or personal reasons. With so much noise around, it’s more important than ever that your communication stands out, and grabs your audience’s attention. Consider investing your remaining budget in innovative, boundary-pushing content that excites your audience, and builds a positive reputation for your brand. This article looks at four content ideas to explore in Q4, so you can end the year with a creative bang.

1. Video Campaigns
If you need to communicate hard data to your audience, it’s a good idea to make use of visual tools like video. Visualisation turns impenetrable data into something intelligible, giving it meaning and allowing your audience to identify connections and patterns. Video is also far more effective at communicating your message than other means: your audience is much more likely to retain information when it’s transmitted through photos and videos, as opposed to text on its own. Why share a dense brochure when you can add a light touch through an engaging video, instead?

Nucco Brain’s work with Deloitte & Touche, the first Arab professional services firm in the Middle East, made use of video to achieve its goals. Deloitte asked us to create a series of videos to help the Ministry of Finance in the Gulf Cooperation Council to explain VAT and Excise Taxes, which were due to be implemented in the Middle East. The business audience was unfamiliar with these systems and processes, so our challenge was to explain them in a digestible way. We did this through the creation of videos and infographics to support the Deloitte team during their pitching and training sessions, helping them to communicate a huge amount of tax information in a simple and visual format.

2. Social Media Campaigns
Thanks to its reach and shareability factor, content on social media can be viewed literally millions of times. We spend a lot of time on our phones, so it’s also a good way to reach your audience where they already spend time. The added benefits of social media campaigns is that they can be highly targeted according to demographic, region and gender. The focus with this type of content is ensuring it’s arresting; there’s a lot of noise pollution out there, and you don’t want to risk your audience scrolling through your campaign without pausing to absorb its messages.

Law firm Leigh Day approached Nucco Brain for help encouraging commuters to choose cycling over other means of transport, inspiring people to regularly get out on their bikes. A long-standing partner of British Cycling, Leigh Day wanted to prove themselves as a real partner for the cycling community. They challenged us to develop a social campaign to promote cycling, highlighting the benefits both to the individual and to society in general. Our solution? An elegant, illustrative campaign driving awareness through positive messaging. Comprising animations, social assets, and infographics, the campaign was deployed across the company’s social channels.

Leigh Day | Social Media Campaign
Leigh Day | Social Media Campaign

3. Augmented Reality
If you’re looking to finish Q4 with some really innovative, unexpected content, consider augmented reality. Augmented reality involves adding computer-generated information onto what’s actually in front of you, either for entertainment purposes or to help audiences visualise the potential of a space. AR inserts images onto the ‘real’ world, and content using this technology can help bring future plans to life, and allow audiences to ‘see’ how a familiar setting will look with added elements.

Nucco Brain deployed augmented reality in our work for global property developer Emaar who were looking to provide potential investors with an early preview of their latest development. We leveraged AR as well as 3D printing to create an app to accompany a 4 x 3m model of the planned development. This allowed the potential investors to get an authentic as possible feel of the buildings, despite the development spanning 300 buildings in 11 different districts. 

EMAAR | Augmented Reality
EMAAR | Augmented Reality

4. Virtual Reality Experiences
Virtual reality allows us to create whole new worlds, and take audiences on a journey that would not otherwise be possible. It’s a sure-fire way to enthrall your audience. VR can bring complex processes to life and educate both external and internal audiences on how your company’s technology works. Virtual reality provides the wow factor your company needs to stand out from the crowd – whilst educating your audiences at the same time.

One example of Nucco Brain making use of virtual reality is through our work with EDF Energy. They approached Nucco Brain looking for help explaining the complex science behind nuclear energy to their stakeholders. In order to demystify the notoriously complex concepts, Nucco Brain created a unique 360° VR experience taking viewers on a journey inside a nuclear reactor – a journey that would be impossible without the help of virtual reality. In the experience, viewers shrink to the size of an atom, witness nuclear fission, and emerge with a much clearer picture of the process of producing electricity.

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