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In times of change, clear communication takes on a whole new significance. When the outside world is characterised by uncertainty, people are looking to corporates for consistency, reliability and reassurance. The most important thing above all now for businesses is clarity. What can they expect to happen next? How can they best prepare? And what does their business need to do to capitalise on the brand new opportunities arising as the working world steadily opens up?

In the second of Nucco Brain’s new series, Back to Work, we look at some of the most effective approaches of tackling corporate communications. How best to explain to your various audiences your new-look way of working, what your updated offering will be and the ways in which you can help your clients get their own growth back on track.

Hitting the mark far and wide
Things are changing at lightning speed in the business world. Your corporate communications need to be agile, direct and memorable to reflect that pace and unpredictability. If you’re looking to reach a large and varied audience – particularly in the case of a new launch – one highly effective solution is a punchy, dynamic video campaign. Video content keeps audiences engaged in an oversaturated online world, and is an effective way to communicate information in a snappy, digestible format.

When the European Space Agency (ESA) approached Nucco Brain, they were keen to reel in a broad and diverse audience. We ensured appeal to a wide demographic through a powerful, hard-hitting video campaign and fast-paced content, using graphics to drive the narrative forward and keep the audience engaged. We also created five short teaser videos to showcase specific ESA Space Solutions offerings, with unique CTAs.

Think outside the box

Corporate messaging can take multiple forms. One of the less commonly used forms, animation, is a perhaps surprisingly effective way to communicate corporate messages far and wide. Animation can give your comms a shake-up, refresh your message, and engage your audience fast, in new and unexpected ways.

Nucco Brain’s recent work with Boston Consulting Group illustrates this perfectly. BCG works with companies to imagine what the future will look like, and how they can plan accordingly. They came to Nucco Brain for help communicating their vision for the future of fuel stations. Using a realistic aesthetic for the animation allowed the audience to clearly visualise what these service hubs could look like. Giving a more life-like look to these concepts helped ensure buy-in from their audience. In this instance, animation achieved what live action footage couldn’t – a look into an imagined world.

Boston Consulting Group | Video Campaign
Boston Consulting Group | Video Campaign

Build on your existing assets
Effective corporate communications isn’t about endlessly reinventing the wheel. It’s about using the resources you have to communicate with your various audiences, keeping them in the loop as to how you’re adapting, what you’re offering and how you can support clients in powering up their own businesses. Often, the sweet spot lies between using existing content and creating evergreen assets that will be of use in the long term as well as in the now.

When Deloitte asked us for help in ensuring they were singing about their M&A capabilities from the rooftops, we had a wealth of data to draw on. That firepower enabled us to create a video that harnessed existing information on the company’s world class methodology and seamless services to spin a gripping and engaging narrative – one which turned a potentially dry subject into an entertaining, persuasive success story. The video we created for Deloitte is still one of the most-used marketing tools three years on, demonstrating how reusing existing assets can ensure long-term relevance of content.

Keep it eye-catching
The more complex a topic, the stronger the case for a clear, catchy visual representation. We know that pictures speak louder than words, so it’s not surprising that when communicating complex information, infographics do the job well. Posters might be old-school, but they’re effective at capturing your audience’s attention and imagination. Add in some sleek and clear visuals, and you can communicate large amounts of key information instantly.

Nucco Brain partnered with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to create a series of striking visuals as part of their COVID-19 emergency response. As the pandemic rapidly took hold, the UK Government urgently needed to ensure that the public was kept fully informed. Our job was to rapidly turn a series of complex text-heavy articles into digestible easy-to-understand infographics for the UKRI website, aimed at both the general public and the wider scientific community. With public health on the line, gripping people enough that they wanted to consume and retain the information was key, and infographics proved to be a successful format in achieving this aim.

UKRI | Infographics
UKRI | Infographics

Harness the power of social media
The ubiquitous power of social media is the gift that keeps on giving. Alongside video and print, social media channels offer a sure-fire, immediate way of connecting with a vast potential audience of new and existing clients, as well as other interested parties. The secret is to adapt the message to make the most of the medium, in what can often be very busy airspace.

Nokia Mobile – no strangers to the power of communication themselves – engaged Nucco Brain to boost their social media presence and refresh the global brand. Working with the company in an exclusive worldwide partnership, we created a comprehensive social media content toolkit in support of Nokia Mobile’s brand strategy. The result: a huge uptick in engagement across all the main social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Nokia Mobile | Social Media Campaign
Nokia Mobile | Social Media Campaign

Challenging times lie ahead for all businesses, but as we’ve seen over the past few months, the more we share and communicate, the smoother the journey will be. Effective corporate communications will be a gamechanger in helping to boost a company’s relationship with its clients and the wider world beyond. If you’d like to find out more about how Nucco Brain can help you make sure your messaging hits home, get in touch.

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