Branding in the Age of Motion

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, investing in motion branding is a smart business move.

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Motion branding is nothing new, but a combination of increased screen time with a battle for audiences’ attention online means that it’s stepping into the spotlight.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, investing in motion branding is a smart business move: according to Forbes, it can help your business grow revenue 49% faster. And unlike live-action videos, for example, which have a limited shelf life, motion branding is long-lasting and easier to edit as necessary. In this article, we’ll look at why motion branding is so important, and how you can incorporate it into your content strategy.

Why motion branding is important
It allows you to bring your brand personality to life
No matter how creative your logo, there’s a limit to how far 2D images can bring your brand to life. Moving images, on the other hand, provide much more room to showcase your brand’s personality in an innovative way. And when competition for audience attention is so strong, your brand can’t afford to fade into the background. Netflix is one example of using motion branding to bring a company’s personality to life. Netflix created The Stack to allow their brand identity to translate to all types of media, – especially important when you’re a digital-first business.

It strengthens your brand’s emotional impact
In a similar vein, the use of motion helps brands have a bigger emotional impact on their viewer. Just as it’s difficult to convey personality through a 2D logo, it’s also difficult to invoke emotions. And in branding, tapping into your audience’s emotions makes it more likely that they’ll remember your company in the future. According to HubSpot, when we feel emotionally connected to a brand, we’re twice as likely to buy from them. Motion in the form of video can also help increase brand association by 139%. So if you’re looking to become more memorable and retain your audience’s interest, motion branding is the way forward.

Motion branding leads to increased interaction
One benefit of the eye-catching nature of motion branding is that it can lead to increased interaction. It’s difficult to ignore a pop-up or an animated error message, which is exactly the point of it. If, for example, you want your customers to take certain actions on your website, motion branding can help you direct them on the right path through strategically-placed motion graphics. Keeping everything consistent in your brand style and colours helps ensure your brand stays in your audience’s mind – no matter how much content they’re consuming.

You can communicate information in an engaging way
Motion branding allows you to communicate dense or complex information in an engaging and snappy way. If you’re selling a product that’s difficult to explain or isn’t very tangible – like software, for example – motion branding can help you communicate whilst retaining your audience’s attention. UBER is an example of a brand that does this well: their visual identity is strong and recognisable all over the world thanks to their use of motion graphics in marketing. Similarly, well-designed title screen graphics can help jazz up an otherwise dull topic.

Motion branding in action
There are many ways in which you can incorporate motion graphics into your existing digital assets. Motion branding goes hand in hand with video content, allowing you to include an animated logo, intro and outro stings, and animated text overlays as just a few examples.

Recognising the increasingly essential nature of motion in online content, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) approached Nucco Brain to produce their branding in motion. UKTI wanted a range of motion branding graphics to boost their online presence, for use across the organisation’s nine councils. As part of the assets, we created branded title screens to bring more character to UKTI’s videos, a slick intro and outro bringing their logo to life, and a series of branded lower thirds.

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