Top 5 Content Ideas for your Q4 Budget

This article looks at five content ideas to explore in Q4, so you can end the year with a creative bang.    

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It’s already Q4, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spend your remaining budget for the year.

It’s been a strange ten months, and the future still looks uncertain for business. Everyone’s sitting at home, and we’re consuming practically all of our content through screens – whether that’s for professional or personal reasons. With so much noise around, it’s more important than ever that your communication stands out, and grabs your audience’s attention. Consider investing your remaining budget in innovative, boundary-pushing content that excites your audience, and builds a positive reputation for your brand. This article looks at five content ideas to explore in Q4, so you can end the year with a creative bang.    

1. Presentation Toolkits
There’s no way to know how long we’ll be working remotely, but it’s our reality for the near future. At the moment, presentations are one of the few remaining brand touchpoints, so it’s worth investing in them to ensure they’re showing off your company at its best. Internally, if you’re delivering a challenging message to your employees via Zoom, it’s important that your presentations are coherent, and easy to understand. Externally, presentations using suites of branded content present a consistent front to clients, proving you’re still able to deliver top notch professional service, even during challenging times.

Nucco Brain teamed up with Haines Watts to create a presentation toolkit. We reworked existing branded content to create a suite of branded sales material, ready for use at a moment’s notice. The toolkit included presentation videos that create consistent messaging, helping to enhance the company’s image. 

Haines Watts | Internal Communications Campaign
Haines Watts | Internal Communications Campaign

2. Infographics
Infographics are essentially stylized posters designed to share information on anything from company policies, to how your complex technology turns ocean plastic into fashionable trainers. Sometimes overlooked as nothing more than an old-school poster, they remain an effective option for communicating information. Your Q4 budget doesn’t just have to be spent on fancy new technologies: depending on your campaign goals, infographics can do the job nicely. They say ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ for a reason – it’s much easier to transmit a great deal of information visually, as opposed to through words alone.

Recently, Nucco Brain collaborated with British Gas to illustrate their study on how the modern tradesperson spends their time at work and at home, how they feel about their careers, and how they consider themselves. The study included quirky statistics like the modern tradesperson drinks 16 cups of tea and has 8 political debates per week.

3. Motion Branding
Motion branding is nothing new, but a combination of increased screen time with a battle for audiences’ attention online means that it’s stepping into the spotlight. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, investing in motion branding is a smart business move: according to Forbes, it can help your business grow revenue 49% faster. And unlike live-action videos, for example, which have a limited shelf life, motion branding is long-lasting and easier to edit as necessary.

Recognising the increasingly essential nature of motion in online content, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) approached Nucco Brain to produce their branding in motion. UKTI wanted a range of motion branding graphics to boost their online presence, for use across the organisation’s nine councils. As part of the assets, we created branded title screens to bring more character to UKTI’s videos, a slick intro and outro bringing their logo to life, and a series of branded lower thirds.   

4. Internal Communications Campaigns
Internal communications are designed to transmit key messages to employees, informing them of internal updates as well as reminding them of company goals and values. Now more than ever, with uncertainty coursing through the business world, internal comms are stepping into a particularly important role; reassuring employees and keeping everyone abreast of changing internal policies. You could resort to the traditional email to communicate with employees, but they’re far more likely to retain and action the information if you use a more exciting format, like an animated video.

Nucco Brain worked with Deloitte to help communicate a big chance to employees. When the company implemented its digital transformation, it was important that employees knew what was happening, and how the changes would affect them. Together, we created a series of internally-targeted animated videos to communicate the changes to employees, using a conversational tone and corresponding imagery to illustrate the changes, which allowed employees to get on board with the digital translation.   

5. Interactive Content
If you’re working with a slightly less exciting topic, it can be difficult to ensure content doesn’t become dull. Almost like gamification, interactive content requires us to focus by definition. If we zone out for a moment, the content will literally grind to a halt, snapping us back into attention mode. It’s a fun way to engage your audience, and ensure that they don’t just skim over important information. Best described through an example, Nucco Brain worked with Think Nature, who approached us for help in promoting nature-based solutions to modern issues, as part of Horizon 2020.

To keep audiences entertained, we created an interactive game in which participants became the mayor of the fictional Greentown, and are tasked with solving five challenges using nature-based solutions. This interactive approach manages to inform and entertain at one and  the same time, helping ThinkNature to build more sustainable societies through interactive educational experiences – and audiences to remember what they’ve learnt.

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